Travel in India – A Royal experience of Marwari festival in Rajasthan

ImageGrand Marwari festival is one of the best symbolic festival, very popular in Rajasthan. It is celebrated every year in October this time 16-18 October book for that festival .You can enriche your cultural tour in India because Rajasthan is the city of joy ,cultural ,tradition ,royal weddings,palaces,forts and is famous for its heritage and customs.

Marwari festivals showcase a vast Hindu festival name is TEEJ especially for women.On the occasion, all the ladies fast for their husbands.

A year ago, a French women cultural tour in India  went to celebrate it in a traditional way and felt were happy to wear traditional outfits provided by local ladies.The tour was organised by

They all were happy to wear traditional dresses and were completely involved in TEEJ festival.

The upcoming festival of Teej would bring so much excitement for all ladies .

Enriche travels invites all the women across the globe , to come and experience this grand festival and become a part wonderful of . Rajasthan, the largest state of India, gets so much popularity because of its rich culture . Rajasthan is home to this grand Marwari culture festival.

Enriche travels provides you an opportunity to see this through enrolling for women’s only tour for Rajasthan at reasonable prices and assures full safety for women which is a prime concern nowadays. Traveling with Enriche will help you in collecting some incredible memories of India and in your camera . So, come,Explore, Experience the Festival of Marwar , TEEJ, and be Enriched.Book
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