Is India safe for Women Travelers ?

women solo tour in india

Recently, has been in the news. Many women only tour expressed concerns about traveling to India and many opted not to go at all. So why go to India? There is a common threat faced Indian women& foreigner visitors alike such as staring, groping, stalking, and rape. With such threats,it may make you wonder if India is worth the worry and the hassle. Why not skip it entirely in favor of less troublesome destination?One reason: No other country will fascinate you more.Although travel in India will require heightened attention and common sense, we assure you it is worth it. It is impossible to stereotype a nation of one billion people. The challenge lies in refusing to accept such occurrences as the status quot, while still choosing to focus on the positive. This might sound trite or nave, but it’s a choice that India demands of you. Here are few tips to help ward off unwanted situations – but also keep you open to positive experiences:

1. Do your homework well
Spend time learning about India and its customs before arriving. The most important preparation for India is being mentally ready .

2. Dress appropriately.

This goes without saying. India is a conservative country, so be respectful of that by covering your shoulders and legs and watch your cleavage. Consider wearing Indian attires e.g kurta (long, loose tunic) or a salwar kameez , which can easily be picked up once you arrive at local markets.The only possible exception to this is Goa, whose well-known beaches are now quite westernized. But be aware that although it is more acceptable to wear a bikini here, you might still attract unwanted advances.

3. Discern when telling the truth may help you
If you are single , in your 20’s or 30’s and traveling alone , there are chances that men will find it a bit strange and you can safely avoid unwanted advance towards you, by faking a wedding ring or pretending to have a fake husband who works in Mumbai. Use your judgement and get a sense of whether or not , a white lie may help protect you. Consider making a mention of a husband or boyfriend who is arriving shortly and don’t make friendly conversations with the male staff. Instead, befriend any women, if they happen to work there.

4. On a train journey, book upper berth.
Nowhere in the world, except in India, is the train journey so much fun. Everyone has memories about their journeys in Indian trains – the couple who helped them get off at the right station, or the family who shared their home cooked food , or the college student who said to wake him if they faced any problem .However its also important to take certain precautions too. When booking your journey, request an upper berth. This way your bags will be secure and also, upper berth will give you a sense of privacy and keep you out of the fray at night as you sleep. There is a lot of hustle bustle on Indian trains – during the day, a constant stream of vendors move by selling food and beverages , and even at night, passengers are constantly getting on and off the train.


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