Why travel to India as a Solo traveler is exciting?

http://enrichetravels.com/women-tours.phpWomen only tour in India is a peaceful and friendly country .A safe destination for domestic and international tourists,we got 6.65 million foreign visitors to India in 2012, with about 40% of them being lady tourists, and no major reports of any problems ,during their visits and the country were found.India continues to receive repeat visitors.Trip in India remains a safe destination for international visitors including women tourists. Just that, international visitors need to exercise caution, just as local residents do, while traveling ,in order to guard against becoming victims of undesirable elements.

Ladies Special tour A few cases were reported in India in which foreign travelers were sexually assaulted. In all these incidents, the accused were apprehended by the police within a few days. In the incident in Madhya Pradesh in March, 2013, the accused were tried in a Fast Track Court and sentenced to life imprisonment on 20th July, 2013, i.e. within 04 months.
On the other hand ,the women only tours can be fun for the below reasons:
1. Break from day to day madness
3.Explore Experience Enriche
4.Rediscover yourself during nature walks or beach strolls
5. New friends for life
6.Effective planning time the ME Time , we all yearn for!!!!
7.knowledge enhancement about this rich country
8.Do all what you always wanted to do but cant do when with family!example:Ayurveda courses,Yoga courses for week or 10 days ,for mental and physical wellness or just long spa treatments
9. Trek tours can tell you how strong you still are

So , its best advised to just do well, your planning , in advance , and carry your common sense at all times.

Come, Explore India, The ENRICHE way.
email enquiries at:info@enrichetravels.com

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