Gurudwaras Tour in India

Gurudwaras Tour in IndiaGurudwaras Tour in India – Sikh religion has been founded by Guru Nanak

Originally it was created with the intent to bring together the best of the Hindu & Islamic religions.Its basic principles

are similar to those of Hinduism, with the important change that the Sikhs are opposed to caste distinction , idol worship,

and pilgrimages to rivers.They are not opposed to pilgrimages to holy sites. They do pray at temples known as Gurudwaras,

and also baptise their children (when they are old enough to understand the religion) in a ceremony known as phul and also,

they too cremate their dead.Spritual tour in india

The last Guru died in 1708. In the 16th century, Guru Gobind Singh introduced military theme into the religion in an attempt

to halt the persecution that the Sikhs were then suffering from.

Holy book of Sikhs , Sri Guru Granth Sahib contains the works of the 10 sikh Gurus together with Hindu and Muslim writings.

A brotherhood, known as the Khalsa, was thus formed, and entry into it was conditional subject to a person undergoing

baptism (amrit).


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