Buddhist Tour in India Spiritual Identification of India

ImageSiddhartha Gautama deemed as Buddha was born in a small place known as Lumbini in Nepal. Through his experiences he understood the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment which lead him to enlightenment. He addressed the world with his teaching contained true understanding of life giving birth to a ‘world religion’ called Buddhism. Being a religion originated in India, the religion has always found its footprints on the history of India. Buddhism is a fusion of art, culture and meaningful teaching of Gautama Buddha, the religion has marked itself as one of the important religion of India. To witness the history of Buddhism and Buddha, India is the right box to be opened. Buddhist tour in India is an opportunity with golden lining that every Buddhist would like to encompass.

India is a country having word religion carved on it with a variety of art, culture and numerous historic places. It is great to have a spiritual tour in India as you get to witness 6 different religions with their culture and history forming Buddhism as a part of it. The Monument crowded state of India known as Bihar address the place ‘Bodhgaya’ where Lord Buddha attained its enlightenment under Mahabodhi Tree and Mahabodhi temple for Buddhist to offer their praying to Lord Buddha. Moving further on the spiritual path with a heart charted with faith the journey envisions to Saranath in Varanasi, a park where Lord Buddha had his first sermon which further takes us to a place called Khushinagar, U.P,a place that every Buddhist dreamt to go. It was the place where Buddha attained Parinirvana after his death. But the journey does not end here as the person whose family has kept Buddhism alive and ancient from its creation is still to be visited, the 14th Dalai Lama who lives in the north of New Delhi in McLeodganj (upper Dharmashala). This proves the spiritual identification of Buddhism in India.

Being a hub of religions and cultures, India is a nation for pilgrimage. Apart from Buddhism, India’s spirituality can also be explored at different Hindu inplaces namely Haridwar, Varanasi, Rishikesh and more. Gurudwara Spiritual tours can also be done by visiting various pious gurudwara’s of Darbar Shaib, Sann Sahib, Guru Ki Wadli and many other gurudwara’s in Amritsar,Punjab. Traveling in India not only adds photos to your album but recalls the memories of spirituality out of it. Lord Buddha said, “Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others”. So travel in India and get a chance tore deem yourself.


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