Luxury Train Tours in India – Luxury travel

ImageIndia is the country of the famous luxury train discoveries. You all have seen in a movie, a commercial or just a postcard, the old fashion, classy train winding through the enigmatic Indian landscape. Luxury travel

All kind of tourism is available with a Luxury Train Tour. The South offer great rides, with single or double rooms, with in-room shower. On board you will also find a restaurant, bar, business centre, spa and lounge. Much of the train travel is during the night so you will arrive fresh at each new destination and have full days to enjoy the sights. South India hosts great beaches, where you can relax and exert yourself before boarding back into your moving paradise.

Taj mahal tours Moreover, the North of India is famous for its railroads crossing amazing sites. Let yourself admire the beauty of Darjeeling from your comfortable, safe and cozy luxury train. There are four major luxury trains in India Travel in India

1. The Palace on Wheels is the most famous one, based on the kings and princes’ palaces of the surrounding States. It covers mainly Rajasthan and the famous breathtaking colored cities.

2. The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a copy of the Palace on Wheels, done after the great success of the luxury train.

3. The Maharaja Express is a new luxury train, offering 5 itineraries, all of which either begins or ends in Delhi and includes a visit of the Taj Mahal in Agra. It is the most expensive luxury train of India, therefore it is one of the “World’s Top 25 Trains”.

4. Finally, the Golden Chariot will smartly carry you around Karnataka and Goa, where the beaches are so beautiful, you might not want to board back into the great luxury train!


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