Wonder Taj mahal – The Taj Tours in India

taj-mahal-toursTaj Tours – the Taj Mahel crown of India It is located in the Uttar Pradesh, India. It is totally made by white marble. This is the finest art of mughel acuter. This is the jewel of of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired master pieces of the world’s heritage. It got the maximum number of vote in 7/7/2007 in the world’s heritage. This is most popular wonder in the world. Its visiting rank is so high in all over the heritage. Tailor made tour in India

Taj mahal tours -The Taj Mahel is the symbol of love. They build by shah jahan. The Taj Mahel is tribute of his third wife Mumtaz. She died in 1931 after giving birth of the couple’s 14th child The Tomb of Mumtaz is covered the centre of the chamber. The tomb white marble structure stands on a square plinth and consists of a symmetrical building. Then size of tomb is very huge. Holiday packages in India

Travel in India-The interior decoration of the Taj Mahal is also attractive and this is the finest art of the mughal architecture. The interior chamber of the taj mahel steeps few beyond traditional decorative element. The garden of the taj mahel is so huge and massive is 300 meter (980) square. The garden divided into 4 parts the way of towards the tomb is so beautiful and wonderful both side of his cover by water pool and majestic garden. It seem look so beautiful so incredible. The Taj Mahel attracts a large number of tourists. We have 2 million visitors in 2001.Includeing more than 20000 from oversea. Now the number of visitors’ increases day by day. The whole picture of the Taj Mahel is incredible .This is the best masterpiece of all heritages in the world.Tours in India


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