International Yoga week 2014- Learn. Share. Bond!

yoga tours in indiaInternational Yoga week 2014- Learn. Share. Bond!
Dates: 01 March -08 Mar 2014
Where: Rishikesh

When you talk about discipline, wellness and tranquility it is definite that yoga comes to every one’s mind but have you ever seen this Hindu system of relaxation being turned into a festival of its own? If not yet, then now is your chance to witness it! Yoga tours in India

Known to be the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh is a quaint Indian town bustling with traditions and rituals that have been existing and being followed since ancient times. Women tours in India

This habitat across the banks of the river Ganga comes to life once in a year in the months of February-March when all the expert yoga gurus, enthusiasts and practitioners gather at the banks of the river to participate in the International Yoga week. Women cultural tour in India

This year’s Yoga week i.e. 2014 will be hosted across various venues spread out in Rishikesh and leading this event.

For an entire week long fest into this 1000 year old art form and rejuvenation medium, the hotel has offered its services to all those who visit the fest this year.

They have their own in-house yoga teachers who are more than willing to conduct these yoga seminars and programs this year and get in touch with various other teachers from other ashrams and yoga schools.

A varied mix of Hatha Yoga practice sessions, Pranayam and other yoga techniques like Chakra Shudhi, Ajapa Japa and Agnihotra will be conducted in the program.

They will also be hosting various lectures on meditation, spiritualism and yoga techniques to emphasize on the importance of yoga in day to day life.

This year’s International Yoga week will also be hosting bhajan and kirtan sandhyas every evening for the entire week and host interactive sessions for participants.

In the privately owned ghats, a daily Ganga aarti is supposedly going to the highlight of Yoga week 2014 and yoga cooking for the healthy minds is the live cooking workshop they are adding to the menu. Apart from all the culture walks, tourism add-ons and the wonderfully arranged workshops and rituals for this year’s Yoga week in Rishikesh, the calm and serene yoga is sure to build up the atmosphere all week!

Come, Explore, Experience, Enriche!!!
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