Nagaur Cattle fair- Rajasthan entertains!

Cattle FairDates: 05 Feb -20 Feb 2014
Where: Rajasthan

The quaint town of Nagaur, a picturesque of the Rajput townships sure does stir to life with the Nagaur cattle fair that is the second largest fair out there and is held every year in Magh i.e. the month in Hindu calendar. Cultural tour in India

It is a very well renowned fair that is well-known for the trading of cows, bulls, horses and even camels while their owners wear colorful robes and flaunt long moustaches!

Try imaging over 80,000 of the cattle breeds gathering for the fair and all flocked together and you might realize just how big this fest is.

For the localities, this fair is something worth looking forward to and this little Rajput town stirs quite a crowd for this cattle festival of the year.

In terms of both culture and trade, this fair has it all and the beautiful landscape painted by these cattle makes it worth getting this onto a calendar or for Indian souvenir postcards.

This rustic, colorful charm of the town is further enhanced by performing artists who come from all over the country and moreover from neighboring villages to not just attend but also perform out here.

Men putting up the famously known puppet-shows of Rajasthan, sword dances by troupes or women in heavy jewelry who sit by the road side selling all kinds of pretty handicrafts are very interesting to spot in these fairs.
Bull fights, tug of wars and even camel races are carried out in this festival as a fair trade and pure entertainment for the onlookers.

After sunset if you still stay back then you are sure to revisit the serenity of the landscapes with music and traditional dances that take place on the grounds.

The entertainment quotient of this fair is truly a winner even though the trade of cattle is their primary idea and reason behind this whole Nagaur Cattle fair!

One surely enjoys In Rajasthan to the fullest in this lively atmosphere that offers fun, thrill and an amazing cultural experience along with the traditions of the olden days.

Come, Explore, Experience, Enriche!!!
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