Ladakh festival- The famous rites and rituals!

leh ladakhDates: Feb 2014, 1-15 September 2014, 09 June -11 June 2014

Very famous for its culture and diversity, Ladakh has every occasion marked by feasting, singing and dancing to the folk songs and form a living heritage.

Most of the festivals in Ladakh are held during the winter season but there quite a handful that take part in the summer too!

The monastic festival performed by monks in colorful silk attire and various types of facial masks. cheap tour packages

One such very famous monastic festival that happens in June is known as the Hemis festival; it essentially commemorates the birth of Guru Padmasambhava who was the founder of Tantric Buddhism back in Tibet.

The Ladakh festival takes place from 1-15 September every year in the villages around and in Leh; inauguration ceremony in Leh is followed by regular programs of dancing, rituals and folksongs in different villages during the 15 days.

Monks wear facial makes, brocades robes and perform the mission and life relevancy of the sacred being in a dance and drama format with enthusiasm!
This three day festival takes place from the 9th especially comes in a cycle of 12 years.
Dosmochey is another such festival that is celebrated in Leh, at the Leh palace, at Liker in Lower Ladakh and Deskit in Nubra valley in February.

This festival takes place in the start and the end of the Tibetan New Year and the monks from different monasteries perform the Charms year after year.

The Losar celebration is in the eleventh month according to the Tibetan calendar i.e. two months ahead of the Tibetan New Year; all the Gods, deities, animals and even the ancestors are fed without fail for a month.

The procession of fire, Metho, is thrown out with slogans being chant and chasing hungry spirits and ghost thereafter is a ritual.

Ladakh is famous for festivals and rituals that are followed with a great combination of authenticity and entertainment and tourist often go visit it for some culture and fun!

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